How we performed

Continually Reviewing Performance to Improve our Services

Mid-Wales Housing monitors performance and reports to Welsh Government, Board Members and tenants on a regular basis throughout the year.

Satisfaction with service is conducted during the year via tenant surveys following receipt of a service:

  • Complaints are received through various means and the Association endeavours to deal with complaints and resolve them immediately. However, due to the nature of some complaints, these need to be formally logged, investigated and dealt with. During 2017/18, 12 formal complaints were logged, of which three were not upheld, six were upheld and two were awarded compensation. The remaining three complaints were resolved requiring no further action.
  • An average of 98% of repairs were completed first time, which remains at the same level as the previous year.
  • An average of 97% of repairs were completed by appointment, reflecting a drop of 1% on the previous year. Appointments are made at the most convenient time for the tenant.
  • It is pleasing to report the Association’s gross rent arrears have dropped by 0.01% to 2.11% over the year.
  • It took an average of 31 days to re-let a property during the year, which is disappointing performance. This is due to staffing issues within the team, which have been dealt with. It is anticipated that performance will improve over the next year.

TIAA audits conducted in 2017/18

Audit Date Assurance
Responsive Maintenance Spring 2017 Follow Up
Rent Collection and Arrears Spring 2017 Reasonable
Care & Repair Handyperson Review Summer 2017 Limited
Anti Social Behaviour Summer 2017 Substantial
Anti-Fraud Cyber Crime Summer 2017 Substantial
Insurance Autumn 2017 Reasonable
Operational Risk Checking Autumn 2017 Substantial
ICT Internet/Email/Social Media Winter 2018 Substantial
Planned and Cyclical Maintenance Winter 2018 Substantial
Gas Safety Autumn 2017 Substantial
Key Financial Controls Spring 2018 Substantial

It is pleasing to note that of the ten full audits completed during the year, seven received a substantial assurance. The Care & Repair in Powys Handyperson audit received a limited assurance. This is the first time that the Care & Repair service has been audited, however, the actions have now been completed. The Responsive Maintenance Audit was a follow-up audit at the request of the Audit & Scrutiny Committee and was not awarded an assurance assessment as part of the review. The Committee was reassured of the service being provided as a result of the follow-up audit.

Performance standards

The Welsh Government Housing Regulation Team introduced a new set of ten Performance Standards at the beginning of the 2017/18 year. Mid-Wales Housing has adopted these, reporting quarterly to Board Members and on the Association’s website. The Annual Compliance Report is signed off by the Board of Management and is considered by the Welsh Government Housing Regulation Team to form the Annual Regulatory Judgement.

The first Compliance Report was completed in 2017 and the judgement report is based upon the Association’s own evaluation of its compliance with the Performance Standards together with regulatory intelligence gained through on-going, co-regulatory, relationship management between the Regulator and the Association.

We were pleased to receive a standard assessment for all categories with no further actions identified.

The most recent Performance Standards report and Regulatory Judgement can be viewed on the Association’s website.

Annual tenants survey 2017

Each year we conduct a Tenant Survey and always include the following series of questions as part of the survey. These questions provide feedback on tenants’ perceptions of the service provided as opposed to their experience of it. The chart below illustrates levels of satisfaction with various areas of the business. It is pleasing to note an increase in satisfaction levels with the quality of tenants’ homes, rent in terms of providing value for money and the reactive repairs service. Employees are working with tenants to establish why there has been a drop in the satisfaction levels in relation to “listening to views and acting upon them”. It must be noted that when the questions are benchmarked with other organisations that Mid-Wales Housing Association remains in the top quartile for all areas.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey Feedback 2017 2016 2015
1. Taking everything into account, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the overall service provided by Mid-Wales Housing Association? 92% 93% 84%
2. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the overall quality of your home? 88% 87% 79%
3. Thinking about your neighbourhood. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with your neighbourhood as a place to live? 91% 87% 84%
4. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you that your rent provides value for money? 91% 89% 82%
5. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you that your service charges provide value for money? 71% 76% 64%
6. Generally, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the way Mid-Wales Housing Association deals with repairs and maintenance? 87% 82% 82%
7. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you that Mid-Wales Housing listens to your views and acts upon them? 80% 85% 67%


When asked about the service they received, tenants said:

“The best housing association out there, bend over backwards to help you in any way they can.”

“Very happy with everything that Mid-Wales Housing do. I think the staff are very polite and helpful too. I tell my family and friends to go with Mid-Wales Housing because they are great.”

“Superb landlords. Feel very privileged to live in my home and have Mid-Wales Housing as landlord. Workmen always respectful and gardeners also.”


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